Seaside Balcony Garden

Seaside Balcony Garden
Re-Purposed Weber

Half Moon Bay Garden Club - Seaside Balcony Garden - June 2010 San Mateo County Fair

The Half Moon Bay Garden Club

Proudly Presents:

A Seaside Balcony Garden


A creative re-use recycled Weber BBQ grill encrusted with beach pebbles and re-purposed as a seaside planter. Playfully splashing out from the “water” is a succulent salmon, created by Edie Phillips and Cid Young using the

following plants:

Fish Face is Sedum hispanicum

Fish Fins are small Aloe plicatilis (Fan Aloe)

Fish Eye is a Sempervivum arachnoideum (Big cobwebs houseleek)

Fish Tail are both Sedum spathlifolium & Sedum hispanicum

“Seaweed” in Weber is Disocactus and Senicio mandraliscae

& other mixed succulents

Ship Funnel “smoke”: is Stipa tenuissima (Nassella or Mexican feather grass)

Other plantings include:

Dischidia in hanging escargot shells

Aeonium arboretum, Ornithogalum (Orange Star) with Bromeliad species and Campanula portenschlagiana (Bellflower -Get Mee)

Carnivorous plants in oyster shell planter are: Dionaea muscipula (Venus Fly Trap); Sarracenia leucophylla (White Topped Pitcher Plant); Drosera capensis ( Octopus Plant or Sundew)

Seashells plantings include: Sedum rupestre & Senecio, Haworthia fasciata, Crassula coccinea, Crassula erosula “Campfire”, Cotyledon species, Echeveria, species Graptopetalum, Sedum rubrotinctum, & Pachyphytum .

Friday, September 3, 2010

What to do with all that Zucchini! Easy Cheesy Broiled Zucchini

Easy Cheesy Zucchini

If you grow Zucchini, you probably have tons. This is a quick and easy side or appetizer that can be prepared in less than 2 minutes –thus allowing you more time to garden…yea!

                                          Turn on Broiler in oven.

Wash zucchini and slice lengthwise.

Score inside face diagonally.

           Place face down in Pie pan or on a tray and place under broiler to cook outside skin.
              While zucchini is in oven, take some soft butter and crush one clove of garlic
                                           and mix in a bowl with parmesan cheese.
       Remove zucchini from oven and flip over. Put cheesy garlic butter paste on the scored side.
                               If you like, put a tiny sprinkle of cayenne pepper on the top.

Place pan back in the broiler and wait a few minutes, depending on how brown you want it to get.

Remove from oven and serve while still sizzling.

Note to Men: My husband doesn’t cook the skin side first, so if not, you’ll need to cook the top side more thoroughly, to avoid it tasting too raw. He also does not like garlic as much as I do, so he usually just spreads butter on top and sprinkles cheese from canister. I find that method is messy…but it still tastes good and actually makes one less item to clean by skipping the cheese mixed with the butter step.

Recipe and Photos by:

Cid Young

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